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It’s not easy to find the right person to fill a vacant position. Not unless you call upon Gentis. Our recruiters can count on lengthy experience in every sector in Europe and abroad. We take charge of rapidly filling your vacant positions by proposing carefully selected candidates. You decide how much of the work you want to entrust us with. Below you can discover the wide range of possibilities or simply tell us what you are looking for.

Needs analysis
  1. Identification of your requirements and your wishes
  2. Definition of the ideal channels and methods for finding candidates
  1. Evaluation of candidates on the basis of the criteria you communicated to us during the needs analysis
  2. Informing the candidates about your company, your values, your company culture, the department, the projects, etc.
  3. Verification of the most promising candidates’ references
  4. In-depth analysis of the results of the tests
  1. Planning and preparation for the interviews with our experienced recruiters
  2. Feedback after the interviews
  3. Follow-up on assessments if required
  1. Drawing up the salary package
  2. Handling and presentation of the proposals
  1. We take care of all the administrative formalities
  2. Contract signing
  3. Relocation assistance for an expat if necessary
  1. We accompany the worker during the first day on the job
  2. We follow up with the candidate as well as the HR department and line managers

It goes without saying that this working method is flexible. We can adapt it to your needs to find a tailor made

Flexible Contract Opportunities

Employee ...

Gentis is not limited to simple recruitment services. Our internal team of specialised HR experts is at your service to establish, develop and follow-up on fixed temporary contracts. The team can also offer you full payroll services during the entire period of the contract.

... Temporary/freelance solutions

Gentis places independent candidates for freelance assignments and offers legal and administrative advice to ensure that these temporary assignments run smoothly. The candidates and workers can therefore devote all of their attention to the real task at hand, right from the start.


Gentis offers a vast range of recruitment possibilities for any companies that are looking for permanent recruitment services: headhunting, job sites, databases (internal and external), research tools for social networks and, obviously, our dedicated Talent Acquisition teams, each specialised in a particular sector.

Based on long experience as a head-hunter and recruiter, Gentis has also developed a  worldwide network of professionals and companies that is constantly growing. We make use of this network in order to match the wishes of our clients to those of our candidates.


Do you have several positions to fill? Then opt for the simplest solution: place one of our recruiters with you! He or she will look after all your organisation’s resource needs.

Our on-site recruiters guarantee you:

  • a solution that responds to your requirements and your wishes;
  • a recruiter to represent your company;
  • vast experience in your sector;
  • vast recruitment experience;
  • sole dedication to you throughout your project.




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